Model features:

    Canesim has a single layer soil water balance (see Singels et al., 1998 for a full description) and simulates crop transpiration, evaporation from the soil, deep drainage and run-off. Redistribution of water within the root zone is not simulated. All water within the root zone is considered available to plants throughout the growing cycle, reflecting the rapid establishment of roots in irrigated ratoon crops. Crop canopy cover is calculated from thermal time (Singels and Donaldson, 2000) and crop water status (Singels et al., 2008). Canopy cover is used to calculate interception of solar radiation that drives potential transpiration and biomass accumulation. Actual transpiration and biomass accumulation is determined by potential rates and crop water status, which depends on soil water status (Singels et al., 2010). Daily biomass accumulated is partitioned to stalk fibre and sucrose following the method of Singels & Bezuidenhout (2002).

Model inputs:

    Canesim uses basic field data (soil properties: water holding capacity, drainage rate, residue status; cropping details: cultivar, row spacing, start and harvest dates, and irrigation system properties), and daily weather data (solar radiation, temperature, reference evaporation and rainfall) and possibly soil water data to calculate canopy cover, soil water content, crop water use, biomass, stalk and sucrose mass for each day (past and future) of the growing season.

Model uses:

  • Irrigation Scheduling

    Irrigation scheduling

  • Yield forecasting

    Yield forecasting

  • Benchmarking cane and sucrose yields, crop growth and water use

    Benchmarking cane and sucrose yields, crop growth and water use

  • Reviewing  agronomic performance

    Reviewing agronomic performance

Model platforms

  • A simple web-based version linked to a limited on-line weather database to demonstrate the main feature of the model, available to the public. Applications include: yield and water use benchmarking and yield forecasting.

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  • MyCanesim, a web-based sugarcane simulation linked to the full on-line SASRI weather and soil water data base for simulating crop growth and water use for registered users. Applications include: cane yield, cane quality and water use benchmarking, real-time irrigation scheduling and yield forecasting.

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  • The Canesim crop forecasting system that produces monthly forecasts of yield for the current season for 48 climate zones and 14 mill supply areas. Available to registered users.